My Friends

Friends, we all need them. Good friends are valued by everyone, they offer advice (which is often ignored), they share your triumphs and disasters, some are even fun to be with. The friends listed on this page are close friends who have put up with me in some cases for years, many have listened to my tales with amusement but always with a sympathetic ear.

brian (1)

My best friend is Brian, my lover and partner. We met back in December 2001 thanks to the Internet. Brian used to live in the wilds of Rochdale, which is about 17 miles north-east of Manchester. Brian is a very tactile person like myself and cuddles are important to us both. We both have a deep sensitive nature which attracted us to each other in the first place and we have now set up a new home in the north-west Highlands of Scotland.

Brian also shares my love of the natural world and animals. His interests include photography, wild places, trees, Scotland and Celtic music. Brian loves the company of cats and has one of his own, a young male black cat called ‘Oliver’ – (see bottom of page.)

I met Keith on the ‘scene’ in Manchester. He has a very relaxed attitude to life together with an ability to talk about almost any topic. High amongst his many qualities are his naturally warm nature and readiness to listen. He is Archaeology Officer at North Hertfordshire District Council’s Museums Service. Keith has real depth and has a wide knowledge on many subjects. We both share a love of classical music, both old and new. You can view Keith’s cyberhome here.

Keith (right) and Bahkti (below) have been together now for seven years. They recently registered their ‘civil partnership’ to underline their love and committment to one another.



A lovely summer’s day was crowned by meeting this special guy, Bahkti. Incredibly sexy, warm and fascinating. Such vibrant human beings like this do not cross my path very often. Bahkti is a pierced punk who enjoys life to the full. Well travelled, conversant in many languages, Bahkti has a deep interest and love of other cultures.
Dave & Steve. These guys are responsible for a lot. Without these two guys I wouldn’t even have a presence on the web at all. Most of my early computer knowledge I gained from them and on whom I relied for tips on graphics and the latest programs. So, if you are reading this, thanks guys!
What can I say about Clive. I have known Clive for many years, in that time he has made me curse and swear many times with his ability to make the simplest computer task seem complicated! He and I have exchanged many ideas for furthering our respective web sites, he being the better entrepreneur than I.
My constant companion of many years was a cat called ‘Sophie’, unfortunately she passed away in the summer of 2005. I now have new feline friends, ‘Molly’ a golden tabby and ‘Oliver’ a short hair jet black cat, both of whom are our constant companions. Our cats were born on the Island of Raasay. ‘Molly’ and ‘Oliver’ are inseparable, born into the same litter they sleep and play together.